We are #RENhockey and we are #Ready4EqualityNow

March 8th, 2021 REN Hockey will begin a new program! This day is special because it marks 3 years since our first REN Hockey event in Khayelitsha. 

There have been many ups and downs since then, but WE ARE READY NOW!


Most sources site South Africa as the most unequal country in the world*

But… What is EQUALITY? 

The dictionary defines equality as the state of being equal, particularly in status, rights and opportunities. Equality, and it’s opposite- INEQUAITY, are shaped by social structures. This means our actions, or lack of, play a role in maintaining or altering, inequality in society. 

To REN equality means we can embrace the variety of diverse people in our lives. 

It means that everyone has an equal chance to participate in and feel valued in society.

It means that the socio-economic class you were born into isn’t your destiny. 

It means that despite the endless differences among us, there is so much more that connects us. 

Whether we realize it or not “Inequality affects us all” 

-The Spirit Level. (Pickett & Wilkinson, 2010).

As COVID-19 continues to impact us all… it continues to impact us all unequally…those who were earning higher incomes prior to the pandemic have mostly maintained their salaries, while those who were earning less prior to COVID-19 are more likely to have lost some or all of their income. As a result socio-economic inequality continues to rise. While this is a global issue, REN Hockey is focused on what we can do here, starting in the Khayelitsha township of Cape Town, South Africa. 

What are we doing?

We, REN Hockey, are using sport to connect diverse groups of people to diverse and empowering opportunities. Prior to COVID-19 we were in the process of building connections in the community and gaining interest in the sport of hockey! When the pandemic arrived it forced us, like most of you, to take a step back… We needed to get creative! We experimented with fitness and activities via WhatsApp. We visited homes for hockey, fitness, tutoring and various activities including crafts, cooking, and urban farming. Most importantly, we strengthened relationships with some of our REN families. With their support we are redesigning our REN program to continue hockey training and exciting activities at home while focusing on the community needs that are becoming increasingly more urgent.

We are working towards a more equal South Africa though 4 main efforts.

We are Ready for Education Now: REN Hockey is creating short videos through TikTok to encourage literacy, numeracy and education for sustainable development. 

We are Ready for Exercise Now : REN Hockey is using TikTok to connect our REN Hockey players while improving physical competencies and hockey skills at home. 

Our Education and Exercise videos will be sent to families through WhatsApp. 

We are Ready for Eating Now : REN Hockey is building urban farms to improve food stability in the Khayelitsha township starting at our REN Hockey homes. These gardens are set up with home visits and maintained by our REN Hockey players. 

We are Ready for Experiences Now : REN Hockey will create a variety of empowering opportunities for our youth to experience the world outside their township communities. 

We believe that if we experience the world together, we will thrive together. 

See you 8 March 2021! 

TikTok @renhockey


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