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June 25, 2019

As REN Hockey slowly grows, we need to connect with other non-profits to offer support to the sports programs in South African townships. 

Over the last two years, I spent hundreds of hours volunteering with the Songo.info cycling program in the Kayamandi township. Not only did this program give me my first exposure to the behind-the-scene details of a successful South African township sports program, but they have encouraged me to reach out further and to create a wider impact. This is where REN Hockey began.

Before we set foot in Khayelitsha, the kids at Songo.info were actually the first to experience REN Hockey and to use the equipment donated by Duhva Hockey. Some leaders and older participants from Songo.info even came along to support our first official event. From the beginning they have encouraged me to believe that REN Hockey is capable of great things, and they will always play a role in its success.

Our trial run has since become a tradition at Songo.info. Even in our busiest days, we take time to bring hockey back to Kayamandi during school holidays. In many ways this is my way of giving back to the program that has taught me so much.

It is important to remember that as we teach youth to achieve their goals by working together, we as program leaders also empower ourselves and our programs by working with other organizations to maximize the benefits available for everyone. The relationships built among each other are fulfilling in themselves, as they offer an opportunity to share knowledge, inspiration and resources. Not only are these relationships beneficial, but the impact of our programs depends on them.

By creating a network of relationships among non-profits in the Western Cape, it is my hope that each of our programs find success.

This week we have expanded our network to include another organization called Women for Peace. First established in Johannesburg, Women for Peace has been empowering youth in Mfuleni with dance for over 30 years. They are also the longest running non-profit led by women in the Western Cape! By co-organizing holiday hockey events with Women for Peace, the kids were able to try something new and exciting. This will allow us to build a long-lasting relationship that will create positive changes in the communities.

As REN Hockey is finding its place in society, we focus on how we can share our knowledge and resources with others to bring about mutual benefits for everyone.

One plus one is sometimes greater than two.

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